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The Walk
October 27, 2012

Convinced the family to join me on a walk this afternoon. They were thrilled.  It was approximately 3 miles in some woods we had never ventured.  Up hill, mildly-rough terrain, it all appeared pretty easy on the little map thing in the parking lot. Yes, one of them technically does have a broken leg but it is in a cast. We stopped every now and then to let him catch up.

Honestly, it was a good time, they like to make faces for the camera, especially the one standing in the middle. I added some extras to show it as not all bad. Upton State Forest is a great place for a hike. We hope to get back when we have more time and poor Dan can climb a little better.


1/200, f6.3, iso 2000, 85mm, Nikon, D700


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