October 26, 2012

trp•Technique Friday

When is the last time you got down on the ground to take a picture? Maybe just bent down or knelt?

I am 6’2″, so when I put the camera to my eye (yes, I still put the camera to my eye instead of using a screen, I am old) the camera is about 6′ of the ground. It does not make for a flattering angle.

I see it all the time, people just standing with a camera eye level and shooting away. It can work, and each instance is different but next time you shoot something, take a knee, get to the ground, if you have a live view screen simply lower it.  Change the perspective. Then compare the shots. If you are trying to grab a viewers attention show them something they may not see all the time.

Below is the same shot, sames settings and the same editing – at eye level. Which one would you rather have?


1/250, f3.5, iso320, 85mm, Nikon D700

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