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Hostage Situation
October 28, 2012

No TV, No Phone, No Internet, No Wi-Fi, No Clue, No Hope, No reason to continue. At approximately 6:45pm EST the Rice family lost it all. It was not even noticed at first, it started with the son asking “Uhm, Dad why is the TV screen blank?” I did not know, to be honest I did not care. The Walking Dead was not one for a few more hours. But it stayed black, as did the rest of our technology.  How did the Pilgrims survive? I bet this is why they died out.

So a call was made. 35 minutes on hold on the cell (Thank God for cellular) and while waiting, there was a cheer from the other room.  We had been pardoned, it all was back.  No one asked questions, no one was wondering why, we just consumed it all… for 5 minutes until it all went away again. Only this time it stung a little bit more.  I had hung up from my holding room,  The kids had seen enough to want to watch more of the TV… it was too soon. We were fools.

Another call to the mighty provider, this time 50 minutes of – “we are experiencing higher call volume than expected.”  What exactly do they expect? As I zoned out, the voice came though, as if he had marbles in his mouth, my savior was on the line to help me… if only I could understand his words. Get to the box in the basement, yes, I know the box.  I had been there earlier, but of course now that you are on the line I will do everything again and pretend I had no clue to do it before. Pull the plug, yes, wait 2 minutes, yes, plug it back in, yes, and the lights will be green, no. NO! No green lights. Huh. There should be green lights he said… no sh*t.

Now I have an appointment from 8-12 tomorrow. We shall see. I guess the battery backup died, it is supposed to last 3-10 years. This is the 3rd for us in 6 years and the last time it was replaced was the week of Irene. I guess they do not like hurricanes.

As I post this I am standing on one foot, with the kitchen window open, the laptop propped on the kitchen faucet, stealing the only neighbors Wi-Fi signal I can access, but only if I am just right… I need to hit send and hope the daily pic makes it to the universe before my family goes the way of the Pilgrims.


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