thedailypic•Yr5•008/365•1469•Anna’s Leaf

Yr5•008/365•1469 Anna's Leaf October 8, 2013

Anna’s Leaf
October 8, 2013

Anna asked to go shoot some pictures tonight before it got dark.  She had wanted to head down to Clark St. in Medway to photograph the foliage she sees each morning on the bus.  Unfortunately the heavy rain and wind yesterday did a number on the trees, but we walked down to the corner of Fisher and took some photos at the stream. She borrowed my macro lens and came back with these shots. Even though I had my camera and took some shots too, I see no need to share mine. Next to her’s it just looks like I was trying to hard. There is a simple innocence to her shots. They are inspiring, maybe she can teach me how she took them. I will add one shot of the young master at work.


1/640 sec, f3.5, iso 800, Nikon 105mm  (f2.8), Nikon D300s

Yr5•020-365•Anna's Leaf Yr5•019-365•Anna's Leaf Yr5•018-365•Anna's Leaf Yr5•017-365•Anna's Leaf Yr5•016-365•Anna's Leaf Yr5•014-365•Anna's Leaf Yr5•015-365•Anna's Leaf Yr5•013-365•Anna's Leaf Yr5•012-365•Anna's Leaf Yr5•011-365•Anna's Leaf Yr5•010-365•Anna's Leaf Yr5•009-365•Anna's Leaf Yr5•008-365•Anna's Leaf

Yr5•008-365•Anna's Leaf-2

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  1. Laura October 10, 2013 at 6:33 am #

    Great job!!

  2. tillie October 9, 2013 at 9:26 am #

    Good job Anna.

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