Yr5•007/365•1468•Tree & Leaves

Yr5•007/365•1468 Tree & Leaves October 7, 2013

Tree & Leaves
October 7, 2013

I went outside to take a simple picture of a leaf, that was boring, so I changed to the wide angle and show a bunch of leaves, boring, straight up from under a tree, boring, the leaves on the ground, boring…. then I got down on the ground and lined this shot up… but there was a yard swing on a stand in the frame.  So, I had to move the 3 person swing out of the frame. Then I shot it with the tree in focus and then the foreground in focus… while lying on the ground. I wonder how often my neighbors just watch me in the backyard, “he just came out with his camera again, quick look out the window, what a fool.”  I can not make up my mind, so I let my wife pick the dailypic. The alternate is below.


Yr4•001-365•tree & leaves

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