about me

Studio Address: 243 Village St. Medway, MA – Open by appointment, look for open house dates.

Mailing Address: PO Box 27, Medway, MA

I’m the Tim Rice, behind timricephoto and since the day I loaded my first roll of film into my K1000 I knew what I wanted to do.

I love all aspects of photography. I consider myself lucky to have been trained as a film photographer, yet have access to these incredible digital advances. First and foremost, I capture the image when I see it, through the lens. Then tweaks and minor enhancements may occur, but I rarely venture into Photoshop.

I will photograph anything. Families, events, couples, landscape, toys, products, artwork, even pets, truly anything. I enjoy the challenge. I began a 365 daily picture project on October 1, 2009… I have not stopped. At the time I wrote this I am closing in on the 3rd anniversary.  You can check the images out here on the site under the daily pic. I also offer a photo booth option available for any event, that I promise you is nothing like a box set up in a corner, that you maybe be picturing. Check out the photo favors page for more details.

I offer photo sittings designed to make you feel relaxed in familiar settings, so you may get the best portraits and candids possible.  I meet families and couples in parks or at their houses. There is no need to stress the retail outlets to get a photo. If needed, I have the lighting and backdrops to compete with the formals they offer, all portable, all to make sure you are as comfortable as can be.

Do you have a camera that you want to get more out of?  A point and shoot that you were more comfortable with, maybe a larger DSLR camera that you never turn past “P” (the automatic setting)? I offer personalized lesson where I will teach you how to get the most out of whichever camera you are using. More importantly I will give you pointers on how to get the shots you want to take.

I appreciate you stopping by to check out my site. I am aware there are plenty of people out there, armed with great equipment, taking incredible shots. Many of them are my friends; it is a great time to be a photographer.  If you look around my site and like what you see, or want more information on anything I offer, please contact me. I bring passion and personality to a session that I would challenge any of those others to compete with.