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Almost 11(77)
March 1, 2013

“Today’s not Parker’s Birthday.” This was just shared with me a few minutes ago. Last night I happened to mention that I was paying bills and came across the dog’s adoption records. I shared that I saw that March 1 was his birthday, he will be 11 this year – 77 in dog years. I honestly can not tell you how many times in the 10 previous years we have recognized the dog’s birthday.  Maybe 3-4 all by chance? Depends when I write the check for his dog license, because I have to get a copy of his records for the town. It is due at the end of March, but the notice comes at the end of February. In short, it comes down to the financial well-being of the Rice household. The years I need to put that $9 check off as long as I can = no birthday wishes for the dog. This year we must be doing alright – kind of like a fiscal groundhog type of thing – $9 won’t break us.

Anyway, I mentioned it last night after dinner.  The kids made a point to tell the dog, he got an extra pat on the head before they went to bed “Tomorrow’s your big day Parky!”. I will admit I even called him old man when I let him out for his last out of the night.  This morning arrives, everyone is getting ready, doing their stuff, but everyone makes sure to wish the dog a happy birthday. He has no clue what the hell is going on, but loves the added attention. Tail wagging, stupid grin on his face. Move on to this afternoon.  There is a dog wash right down the street and they sell bandanas.  Parker loves his bandana… really, really LOVES his bandana.  He has worn one his whole life.  If you take it off he freaks out.  Want to know what he loves even more though… a NEW bandana!  So the kids and I make the quick trip to the dog wash shop after work, pick him out a new orange one, we bring it back home.  He instantly knows what is up, happy day.  Danny grabs a brush, brushes him for a while before Martial Arts practice, puts his new bandana on, life is good if you are Parker.

So, I figure, you know what would make a great dailypic? The dog. Even though he hates having his photo taken, especially in the house.  He gets either really shy and puts his head down, away from the lens or he barks and gets wild. I think it is the flash, he hates the light. So I got him going wild for a minute and snapped this series of shots, notice the new bandana, nice right? I go over to get the filing cabinet so I can check the adoption sheet, I always forget what his name was before we adopted him – Casey.  Thought I would write a nice little piece on the dog, what his name was, how we saved him when he was a pup from a shelter.  Tell you about his weird breeding – Basset Hound, Cocker Spaniel, Black Lab. How he has these tiny front legs that make him hop like a bunny down stairs, and how the family is very fond of him. As I open the file, the date of birth says 03/07/02, not the 1st, the 7th.  Anna looks right at me and says “Today’s not Parker’s Birthday, you’ve done this before.”  What the hell? If she knew why did she wait to say anything? Why did they all make a big deal about it? I am ready to take the bandana away, he doesn’t even know what a birthday is and we got it wrong. I am not doing this again on Thursday. Let’s just pretend we are hurting for money and I have not sent the $9 yet.


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