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The Pills
February 28, 2013

I was going to write I suck at being sick, but really? is there anyone that is good at it? I suppose some of us might deal with it better than others.  I did work with a guy that liked being sick, he took advantage of it to the fullest.  His mother would cater to him night and day, grant him his every wish, pillows, magazines, movies, special food, I knew he would drag it out as long as he could turn a cold into a 2 week project.  This is only worse when you know he was single, 40 something and lived in her basement. I remember the day I had to take the call from her that he would not make it in to work, she said he “had the sniffles”… we saw him 5 days later. He looked like he had gained 10lbs.

I approach being sick from a different angle. I deny how bad it is for the first few days. Maybe swing by the old medicine cabinet, see what left overs are there to help out (don’t roll your eyes, I know most of you do it too, just none on wants to own up to it – I draw the line at the dogs pills). Couple days later I think I might have pneumonia, so I start thinking about calling someone professional, maybe watch an episode or two of Dr. Oz. If it has not worked it self out by the 4th day, I MIGHT finally break down and make an appointment or go to a clinic.  On the drive there I always seem to feel better, some how by the time I am in the chair being examined I feel the need to explain how I WAS sick but I am just not showing any signs right now, you should have seen me 15 minutes ago.  I blame a quack Doctor who I used to see in the 90’s.  The guy would never believe anything was wrong with me, I had to beg for him to believe me, and sometimes he would convince me I was not sick.

Anyway, I am sick, soon I will not be, it is really that simple. These pills were developed by skilled technicians to fix me, of course I will need to stop taking them a few days early to stock up for the next time I might be sick.


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  1. Christine March 1, 2013 at 1:41 pm #

    Sorry you are sick Tim…Get better soon!

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