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Global Leader
March 2, 2013

I once worked for Kodak, I was part of the On-Site Processing division.  It was cool to work for Kodak. I loved photography and really liked working in the industry… the only problem it was like working from an ice delivery service the day before freezers were invented.  I was there at the end, and the end was not always fun. I used to set these displays  in stores up and down the east coast. One time use cameras, film displays, that was part of my job.  So, when I saw this tonight I thought it was funny… I should have looked at the expiration date, if they had not already expired, I am sure the shelf life is short.

What caught my attention was the label “Global Leader”, haha really?  Global Leader in what? In recycling… that is what Kodak has become, a Global Leader in Recycling. Wow. One: They are not counting on you reading the tiny font under their claim, Two: so, so sad.  That is the best the marketing department could come up with?  Quick search on Google and I did find a dead link from 2009 that mentions this claim and it how it might be true… but still.  It reminds me of one of the last voice mails I got from our CEO at Kodak when I was there.  Dan Carp the ex-CEO of Kodak used to send out broadcast voice mails with info and announcements to all the associates.  They always started with his admin saying: “The following message is from Dan Carp, CEO of Kodak” then Dan would tell us some horrible news.  The one I remember was about an award Kodak had won, I can not recall who gave it to them, but Dan was proud to let all the associates know Kodak got a prestigious award that proved they had the best separation packages in the industry. Think about that, the CEO told all his employees by voice mail, that when we let you go, we do it better than anyone.  “This is your captain speaking, uhm, the plane is going down folks… but we have the best parachutes in the industry”.  It was one of the stupidest things I had ever heard, yet very funny… until I got laid off a few months later, and due to technicalities, got screwed out of most of my package.  Who ever gave Dan Carp the advice that he should share that award way back then, must still work there and is pushing this “Global Leader” campaign on their melting blocks of ice.


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