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thedailypic•Yr8•199/365•2756•Staff Sgt. Sanchez and the Patriot’s Day Runners

I have been taking photos on a regular basis since 1993, I have lived in the suburbs of Boston my whole life, I have never photographed the Boston Marathon. The closest I ever came to taking photos was in 1996, the 100th anniversary, but I ended up working a retail shift. I have always followed the race online or on TV, I wrote about what it meant to me when the bombing happened in 2013, you can read that blog here if interested, I was in NYC that day. Today I made it a point, I would photograph it.

I went to Ashland then walked around early looking for a good spot to catch the action. The corner of Main and Union, it let me see them all clearly approach, while having spectators in the background and I would be able to stay low and out of the way. And there I stayed for a few hours, taking it all in. Somewhere in between the wheelchairs came Staff Sgt. Jose Luis Sanchez, with space in front and space behind… he owned the street as he passed by. According to an NBC article you can read here, Sanchez is a retired Marine who lost the lower part of his left leg stepping on an IED in Afghanistan in 2011. I did not need the article to know he was running with a purpose, that flag looked heavy, in so many different ways. I was happy to read he inspired many people, on a day of inspiration. Then there was the man with Cerebral Palsy in the wheelchair, backwards, after some google searches I found he is “Backwards” Bill Reilly, 64 years old and he does this a lot, in an article I found from 4 years back they said he was running his 32nd!

Then add everyone else, there is enough inspiration to drive each of us for years. On my healthiest of days I can not run with my bad foot, but I can take photos. I need to do this more, photograph this event, I know there is no shortage of marathon photos, but it felt good to add mine to the mix. There were more moments with the camera down and I was just clapping, cheering for the participants, it seemed like the better thing to do at the time. If you want to see all the photos I took, you can see them by clicking here. Let me know if you know anyone, I would be happy to get them a file if they would like.


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Yr6•258/365•2078 Monday June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

Monday. Rain.


Yr6•258-365•2078•Monday Yr6•259-365•2078•Monday

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thedailypic•Yr6•206/365•2032•Looking Down On

Yr6•206/365•2032 Looking Down On April 24, 2015

Looking Down On
April 24, 2015

Spent this chilly day in Boston with the kids. Walked the city, ate at Faneuil Hall and took some photos. Really could use a string of warm days to enjoy.


Yr6•217-365•2032•Looking Down On Yr6•216-365•2032•Looking Down On Yr6•215-365•2032•Looking Down On Yr6•214-365•2032•Looking Down On Yr6•213-365•2032•Looking Down On Yr6•212-365•2032•Looking Down On Yr6•211-365•2032•Looking Down On Yr6•210-365•2032•Looking Down On Yr6•209-365•2032•Looking Down On Yr6•208-365•2032•Looking Down On Yr6•207-365•2032•Looking Down On Yr6•206-365•2032•Looking Down On

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thedailypic•Yr6•174/365•2000•Each Day

Yr6•174/365•2000 Each Day March 23, 2015

Each Day
March 23, 2015

I am one week shy of taking a photo each day, for 5 1/2 years. On day 1500 I did a mosaic like this one, had a series of photos leading up… cameras, toys, I made a big deal since I figured it would be the last milestone picture. Then I blinked and today showed up. I guess I was wrong, another milestone. I have no idea when this might end. It will not be tomorrow, that’s all I know.

The base photo is the first dailypic, taken 06:50:13 am, Thursday, October 1st 2009. The scene is looking out my windshield, on my way to a job, I no longer have, in a truck, I no longer drive, shooting a camera, I no longer use. I had no idea when I pointed the camera at Winthrop Street this would go on this long.  2000 of anything seems like a lot. Thank you for looking. It is hard to see but each photo is in the mosaic, you can click the links below for a closer look or if you would like to see them all full size.


Yr6•174-365•2000•Each Day-2


The Mosaic with Zoom Controls

All 2000 dailypics – one place

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thedailypic•Yr5•358/365•1819•Westbound on 9

Yr5•358/365•1819 West Bound on 9 September 23, 2014

West Bound on 9
September 23, 2014

I walk at lunch, today I had a camera in my pocket. Took a quick shot while I was out. Now, I also had the camera at my desk when the window washer Spider-manned across the glass and scared the crap out of us.  If history repeats itself, I am sure TOMORROW there will be an email letting us know they are cleaning the windows on my building. The cool thing is, I snapped the shot below without thinking how this would play out in the blog.  See the bridge in the Spider-Man shot, bottom of the photo on the right? Directly above the “t” in the “photo” part of my watermark, is the very spot where I was standing when I took the shot of the road. Almost like I planned it.

In other news, we are one week away from the end of this years dailypic. Continuing the updating of the year sets, here is the link to year #3. Click to check them out: the dailypic year 3

If you are local, I hope you might join us at T.C. Scoops in Medway next Tuesday night 6-8.  I will be sharing free ice cream, selling photos, books and raffling off some prizes, all in celebration of 5 years of thedailypic!



Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 7.58.59 PM

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