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thedailypic•yr8•268/365•2825•Perfect Day

Day two of the Iceland adventure, literally a perfect day. It was day one on the road, driving through towns I can’t pronounce, forget spell. I have enough pictures to fill “dailypics” for a few months, we saw continental divides, geysers, rivers, churches, waterfalls, craters, horses, the coastline, had one of the best meals I have ever had in a restaurant, drove one of the coolest roads I have ever been on, I am staying in the nicest hotel I ever stayed in…. and then at 11pm, after the kids were asleep, Barbie and I took a quick hike and accidentally found the coolest spot I have ever been in my life, at the end of an already perfect day. After all that, this is the photo I share with you, taken at that spot, because without her, I would not had seen any of the other things listed. Off to sleep, because this was only day 2.



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thedailypic•yr8•258/365•2815•BSU Bears

Today we orientated to Anna’s new home. She is now a Bear.



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thedailypic•yr8•252/365•2809•In Bulk

A shopping trip for a grad party Sunday, well my wife shopped I roamed aimlessly setting up photos.



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thedailypic•Yr8•168/365•2725•Anna BSU

This afternoon was spent getting to know Anna’s future home – Bridgewater State University. It was Accepted Students Day at the campus.



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thedailypic•Yr8•147/365•2704•Cut by the Foot

So, I broke a 40 year record and had surgery today, by choice. Well, if choice means – two doctors and my wife told me I had to, never really felt I had a choice. Plantar Fasciitis led me to this, it has been heading that way after about 10 years of annoying me. Countless “cures”, shots, therapy, gizmos, foot straps, bands, and tons of other sh*t you hopefully can buy cheap at my next yard sale that never worked. I have not had surgery since the late 70’s, so I need to publicly apologize to the nursing staff, I will own it, I was a wimp. I can not handle hospitals when I take my wife for her kidney stones, forget about being a patient, but they were all awesome. Doctors, nurses, staff, Milford Regional is the best. Other than the almost passing out incident over the IV, we had fun, laughs, selfies, I was even known as “Tim Rice the Photographer”. Apparently I have photographed a few of them in the past. One of my nurses was a snowman I photographed in the Milford Holiday Parade. She even took me on a field trip so I could see one of my photos that hangs in the hospital’s new wing. As for the Doc in the photo, that is Dr. Lepley from Franklin, the cutter. I highly recommend him and his office for any of your foot needs. Great guy, has helped everyone in my family at one point.

I am now laid up for a bit, not a thing I am used too, nor will I handle it well. I can’t deal with sitting at the beach for a few hours, I am off my feet until at the very least Tuesday, maybe longer and there is no driving for 2 weeks. I discovered FX’s The Americans on Amazon today… 4 in, damn good. Expect some household dailypics for a few days… good thing we are having such a bad stretch of weather making it easy to sit on this couch. 70 degrees in February and I can’t walk.


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