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Iceland Thursday – this week, the mighty Dettifoss in North East Iceland. 330 ft wide, 144 ft tall and is considered the most powerful waterfall in Europe. The glacier water is almost gray from sediment and it is loud. It was used in the opening scene of Prometheus as an alien planet. We visited the west side, to access you drive through miles of barren land that looks like I assume Mars would look. All dirt, dust and rocks, the type of road that rattles parts of your car off. All worth it for the view.

Only 2 weeks until the Iceland Photo Show, tickets are starting to sell, I can’t wait. August 3rd, Thayer House Medway, MA. The list pf photos are getting narrowed down and printing has started. If you would like to join us, tickets are $5 for under16/over65 and $10 for others. Early ticket purchases gets you a free 4×6 print from the Iceland set. Let me know if you have any questions, all info is here.


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thedailypic•yr8•286/365•2843•Seals and Ice

To make up for the insects this week I am starting Iceland Thursdays. Between now and the Iceland Show (Thursday, August 3rd at Thayer House in Medway) I will share some photos from Iceland.  This week I have some from our zodiac boat ride through the Ice Lagoon all the way up to a glacier. We saw seals, we saw rocking icebergs and one that had just flipped and was an incredible blue.

I even have some taken with the drone, they are not here though… you can see them at the show. Tickets are on sale now, $10 ($5 for 16 and under and Seniors). Each ticket purchased prior to the show will receive a 4×6 print from the Iceland photos for free. All the info and tickets can be found by clicking here, or drop me a note, I have hard copies of tickets to sell too.


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thedailypic•yr8•278/365•2835•Not A Pony

I am sharing some more from Iceland to help announce I have booked my show. First the photos, Icelandic Horses. They are everywhere, only out numbered by the sheep. We stopped a few times and hung out with them. They will come right up to you, or the edge of the fence and let you pat them, feed them, admire them, as long as you do not call them ponies. I guess that is a thing, they are short, less intimidating horses, so there are t-shirts and posters all joking about not calling them ponies. We stayed one night next to a horse farm and were given bread by the farmers to feed them. They roll around in the dirt, run and jump, pretty much just big happy dogs.

So, the show…. on August 3rd, Thursday night I will be having a photo exhibit featuring the Iceland Photos. It will be 6:30-9pm at Thayer House in Medway. This will be my first ticketed event, I hope that does not deter people, this is larger than something I can handle at my gallery (I hope), I will have music, I am looking into refreshments, I will be on hand to talk about the photos, come and just look, but of course I will be selling them too. Taking orders, etc. It will be $10 ($5 for kids 16 and under and Seniors) and if you purchase tickets prior to the event I will give you a free 4×6 from the series. You can by tickets online (there is a small handling fee but it is easy) or you can meet up with me, I will have hard tickets to sell in a few days. Please feel free to send me any questions. The link to the tickets and all the info on my Iceland page that will update as the days go on. Click here: timricephoto/iceland


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I truly do not know how long I have wanted to go to Iceland, I just have… for a long time. It was on the bucket list. I had seen a photo of the US Navy plane on the black sand beach, it got me looking into it more, from there I uncovered photos of waterfalls, sheep, horses, geysers, landscapes that looked out of this world, I knew I would go. Then over Christmas break 2013, we saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty as a family and Anna fell in love with the scenery – much of it was shot in Iceland, the locations we found on this trip. That sparked the interest again. Add in a few years back we tried to take a road trip as a family, we were to head west, take 2 weeks off and drive to Yellowstone. the plan fell part when Barbara’s employment situation took a detour. So a year ago this week we were in NH, a simple quiet lake house vacation, we had just gotten Josie and was a perfect week. This lovely couple owned the house we rented and they came to see us and asked us if we wanted to book it again for next year (would be this week)… and without really thinking about it, I said “No thank you, I think we are going to Iceland.” That was the first time the words really came out of my mouth, the first time the family heard me say it, and the plan began. Iceland in 2017.

And here we are on the last day about to leave, it has been a great trip. Better than great, I feel like this will stay with me in ways I have not thought of yet. It is hard to put into words. I hope more than anything that one day, 5, 10, 25 years from now my kids will look back at this adventure as a milestone. Hell, we all got tattoos. I saw my plane, my waterfalls, sheep, horses, geysers, out of this world scenery and so much more. What started as a once in a life time trip, quickly became a scouting trip for future locations to visit again. Maybe it will be with just Barbie, maybe it will be just me, or a group of friends, or the kids and their families, but it will never be like this trip. The trip we got our road trip, the four of us, 950 miles in 9 days.

As for the photos, I have barely shared any, I have so many more, I was prepared, I knew what I wanted and I got them. I love these photos, yet I left so many here, it is impossible to get them all. I am not sure how to share the ones I have. They will be displayed, I have already been asked – and the answer is yes, I will have some for sale. I would love to have a show for them. Maybe rent a place and put on a true photo show. We will see, and I promise you will get to see them too. I just need time to get the right set in order. For a person that takes and posts photos daily, having a set of photos that need to be worked on ‘later’ is tough. I am open to suggestions on how you would like to see them.

I wish each of you the chance to go somewhere, wherever it is, not matter how close or far, that can add to your story. That is always my goal, add before things are subtracted. That’s the best we can do. Thanks for looking, more soon.


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thedailypic•yr8•275/365•2832•The Color of Reykjavik

The last night on the road, back in the Reykjavik apartment we started in last week. So I sat in the parking lot and sent the drone up above the city for a few minutes, at 10pm at night. I have not seen darkness in over a week, not sure how they do it here, but to be honest if I was 18 and just starting it all again, I would consider this as a home. The last photo is looking down on me from 400 feet. I am in the center of the the hotel block sitting next to a tree. I will really miss this place.


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