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I have been uninspired to shoot toy photos lately. Subjects go in cycles. The last few weren’t interesting to me, plain. Sitting at the studio tonight, this Hulk has been on the shelf waiting his turn, and it hit me… dirt. This is not photo-shopped, I am sure it could had been, but I rather shoot it in the camera. A handful of dirt, one light and reflector and 5 shots, 4 attempts and a vacuum to clean it all up. The progress is shown below. My favorite is above.


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thedailypic•Yr8•050/365•2607•A Dog’s Yard


Caught up on some yard work today, leaves out of the yard, lawn mowed one last time… all that good stuff.  I grabbed some loam and filled in the holes Josie has made since she arrived. These are NOT all of them, I needed the drone to just catch this shot, I could have gone higher and shown more, but you get the idea, the yard looks like a mine field. We had been on the right path, she was breaking from the habit… then in the last week she dug into high gear with some holes a good foot deep. She is a pro digger, she makes shapes that match her body when she lies down, and quick… for example. I filled all these holes, took the photo, went inside for 5 minutes… 5 minutes, EVERY hole was dug back out. I think she is in some sort of dog dig league. This post is to publicly shame her, I told her I would be posting it… she did not care, so smug.



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thedailypic•Yr7•237/366•2428•Wasn’t Digging

Yr7•237-366•2428•Wasn't Digging

“Your puppy is so cute, she looks like an angel.” Nope – trust me she can be a devil, between the razor sharp puppy teeth and the perfect storm of fresh dirt from construction in the yard and her desire to dig to China, there are plenty of moments where “angel” is not used to describe her. She is eating my foot as I type this.


Yr7•237-366•2428•Wasn't Digging Yr7•238-366•2428•Wasn't Digging

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