thedailypic•Yr8•050/365•2607•A Dog’s Yard


Caught up on some yard work today, leaves out of the yard, lawn mowed one last time… all that good stuff.  I grabbed some loam and filled in the holes Josie has made since she arrived. These are NOT all of them, I needed the drone to just catch this shot, I could have gone higher and shown more, but you get the idea, the yard looks like a mine field. We had been on the right path, she was breaking from the habit… then in the last week she dug into high gear with some holes a good foot deep. She is a pro digger, she makes shapes that match her body when she lies down, and quick… for example. I filled all these holes, took the photo, went inside for 5 minutes… 5 minutes, EVERY hole was dug back out. I think she is in some sort of dog dig league. This post is to publicly shame her, I told her I would be posting it… she did not care, so smug.



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