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thedailypic•yr8•316/365•2873•Cape Boat

A common request I get is, “Do you have any photos from the Cape/Beach/Ocean?” Sadly, not many, I am not sure what happens when I go over the bridge, I take less photos. It is not a secret, if you are close to me, that I am not a fan of the Cape. Some are beach people, some are not… I am not. I do enjoy the occasional visit, in the same vain of I take a sip of coffee now and then… to remind me why I do not drink it. One day at the Cape is a reminder for me. With all that said I really do need to get some shots of the cape to add to the portfolio. It is pretty and the demand is high. Maybe some February I will take the time to head down and shoot it and enjoy a coffee.


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thedailypic•Yr8•089/365•2646•The Nightmare Strikes Back

A Toy Wednesday shot, some crossing of two great stories. Did you get new toys for Christmas? Or have any old favorite you might want photographed? I will be photographing toys at my next open house 1/21/17. Check out the info below.


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thedailypic•Yr6•204/365•2030•Four with a Cape

Yr6•193/365•2019 Four with a Cape April 22, 2015

Four with a Cape
April 22, 2015

My friend Lukas stopped by the studio tonight for his annual birthday photos. I have been photographing this not so little guy since he was only days old. This might have been my favorite session, such personality. Happy Birthday Lukas! Nice cape!


Yr6•204-365•2030•Four with a Cape Yr6•205-365•2030•Four with a Cape Yr6•206-365•2030•Four with a Cape Yr6•207-365•2030•Four with a Cape Yr6•208-365•2030•Four with a Cape

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Yr4•352/365 Shades September 18, 2013

September 18, 2013

The sunset was incredible, the sky was clear, not a cloud to be found.  The water was still, blue with a hint of orange… and I promised a week of black and white photos.  I once did a set of foliage photos in black and white, it worked. I really like this shot, I am considering showing the color version… I am making the decision, no. No color version.  It will only take away from the black and white.  Now a few of you were there when I took it. I was at the rehearsal for my next couple’s wedding. Celebrated at a beautiful estate in Plymouth. Instead of the color version of the sunset, here is a shot of the couple and their party – of course in black and white.




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