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Some old cameras that live at the studio. Took some shots of them today whole hanging out at the open house. A couple Kodak Brownies and one of the wort cameras ever produced, a 1982 Kodak Disc Camera.  Thanks to all that stopped by today.


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thedailypic•Yr8•210/365•2767•Mr. Holmes

Today I caught up with Mr. Holmes, I took his portrait for the Medway VFW Post 1526. I have worked with him before, we shared a float in the Medway Tricentennial parade a few years back. It was great to see him again and catch up. Our 20 minutes “session” consisted of maybe 4 minutes shooting photos and 16 minutes of me enjoying some cool stories. The people are the best part of the job. Great to see you Mr. Holmes!


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A little over a week ago I get a call from a reporter at the Milford Daily News (a paper I delivered for years as a teen) saying they see my work posted by me and others online and wanted to know if I would be interested in meeting at my studio to do a profile. Well, here it is, and thanks to what I assume is a real slow news day, I am even on the front page. It was a very nice piece about me, timricephoto and the dailypic, it was cool to pick up a few papers this morning at the store. You can read the article and see some photos by clicking here.

Now if that weren’t enough of me, I even had a video profile done of me a few weeks back by Medway Cable Access and as luck would have it, it also came out on the same day… I know I am sick of me too. This one focuses on what it means to me to be a business owner in Medway, something which I am very proud. I posted the video below. So, yes it might seem like a bit much, but look at this way, I get it all out of the way at once. Thanks for looking, and congrats to the Cedar Street Project getting top billing.






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Two month old Rafael came by the studio today.  He is very serious and has a great collection of knitted hats. I can’t wait for our next session.


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thedailypic•Yr8•160/365•2717•The Dog Walker

The dog walker vs the cat.


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