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thedailypic•Yr8•199/365•2756•Staff Sgt. Sanchez and the Patriot’s Day Runners

I have been taking photos on a regular basis since 1993, I have lived in the suburbs of Boston my whole life, I have never photographed the Boston Marathon. The closest I ever came to taking photos was in 1996, the 100th anniversary, but I ended up working a retail shift. I have always followed the race online or on TV, I wrote about what it meant to me when the bombing happened in 2013, you can read that blog here if interested, I was in NYC that day. Today I made it a point, I would photograph it.

I went to Ashland then walked around early looking for a good spot to catch the action. The corner of Main and Union, it let me see them all clearly approach, while having spectators in the background and I would be able to stay low and out of the way. And there I stayed for a few hours, taking it all in. Somewhere in between the wheelchairs came Staff Sgt. Jose Luis Sanchez, with space in front and space behind… he owned the street as he passed by. According to an NBC article you can read here, Sanchez is a retired Marine who lost the lower part of his left leg stepping on an IED in Afghanistan in 2011. I did not need the article to know he was running with a purpose, that flag looked heavy, in so many different ways. I was happy to read he inspired many people, on a day of inspiration. Then there was the man with Cerebral Palsy in the wheelchair, backwards, after some google searches I found he is “Backwards” Bill Reilly, 64 years old and he does this a lot, in an article I found from 4 years back they said he was running his 32nd!

Then add everyone else, there is enough inspiration to drive each of us for years. On my healthiest of days I can not run with my bad foot, but I can take photos. I need to do this more, photograph this event, I know there is no shortage of marathon photos, but it felt good to add mine to the mix. There were more moments with the camera down and I was just clapping, cheering for the participants, it seemed like the better thing to do at the time. If you want to see all the photos I took, you can see them by clicking here. Let me know if you know anyone, I would be happy to get them a file if they would like.


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Yr6•049/365•1875 Setting November 18, 2014

November 18, 2014

For almost 10 years I have driven the same way to and from work. Many of the dailypics have been photographed on this route. I will miss the light in the fall. I start a new route on Monday.


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thedailypic•Yr5•250/365•1711•Anna on Water

Yr5•250/365•1711 Anna on Water June 8, 2014

Anna on Water
June 8, 2014


Got out on the kayaks today, had a great time.


Yr5•250-365•1711•Anna on Water

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thedailypic:Yr4•002/365•Light Show

Light Show
October 2, 2012

This is how the sky looked at 6:42am… not 6:30, not 6:50, not even 6:45… this is 6:42am, October 2, 2012. As fast as I took it, it was gone. How many times have you seen what you thought would be a “great”photo, and then did nothing to capture it? We all have. I went to college with a girl that would come to the darkroom everyday and tell us all about the photo she saw but did not take.  It was a different fish story each Monday/Wednesday/Friday.  Until my professor snapped and explained – quite loudly so she would get the point- how by definition, it is not a photo until it was in her camera and after that we the class would judge how “great” it was. The fish stories ended.

There are many photos that have gotten away from me. I once saw a cat sitting on a roof waiting for its owner, another time there was a clown standing alone on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere – I really wish I caught that, but then again there are some I got just by stopping abruptly on the side of the busy road, tossing the truck in park and jumping out at 6:42am, not 6:45.


1/60• f/11•iso1600•Sony Cybershot DSC RX100


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