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thedailypic•Yr8•022/365•2579•Christine & Bob


Today I documented the celebration of Christine and Bob’s marriage. They recently were married in Vegas, today family and friends and Elvis partied. Congratulations! #vivalasvegas


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thedailypic•Yr7•359/366•2550•Jamie and Tony


Congratulations Jamie and Tony…



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thedailypic•Yr7•284/366•2475•Mr. & Mrs. Chapman

Yr7•284-366•2475•Mr. & Mrs. Chapman

Just got in from Jamie and Garth’s wedding, the rain held off for a perfect day. Congratulations, thanks for letting me be part of it all.


Yr7•284-366•2475•Mr. & Mrs. Chapman Yr7•285-366•2475•Mr. & Mrs. Chapman Yr7•284-366•2475•Mr. & Mrs. Chapman-2 Yr7•286-366•2475•Mr. & Mrs. Chapman

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thedailypic•Yr7•279/366•2470•Emma & Luis

Yr7•279-366•2470•Emma & Luis

Breaking a rule here, this got lost in the vacation photos. I got in my truck and drove north to meet up with my family right from Emma and Luis’s wedding. So I missed posting photos of them that night. With all calmed down here is a sneak peak of their big day. It was an honor being part of their day I can’t wait to get them the rest of their photos.


Yr7•282-366•2470•Emma & Luis Yr7•281-366•2470•Emma & Luis Yr7•280-366•2470•Emma & Luis Yr7•279-366•2470•Emma & Luis


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thedailypic•Yr7•247/366•2438•Melissa & Tami

Yr7•247-366•2438•Mellisa & Tami

I had the honor of photographing not one soon to be married couple, but two, back to back this morning at Hopedale Pond. Melissa & Tami were first, we got rained out of a Grist Mill shoot the other day, but made the best of it, with little Roxi helping out. Their laughter was contagious, and they have an awesome date for the wedding (I love numbers) 7.7.17. Come back tomorrow for photos from the second session with Jennifer & Ryan.


Yr7•247-366•2438•Mellisa & Tami Yr7•248-366•2438•Mellisa & Tami Yr7•251-366•2438•Mellisa & Tami Yr7•252-366•2438•Mellisa & Tami Yr7•253-366•2438•Mellisa & Tami Yr7•249-366•2438•Mellisa & Tami Yr7•250-366•2438•Mellisa & Tami

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