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Yr4•322/365 The Dance August 19, 2013

The Dance
August 19, 2013

I have an app on my ipad full of notes, sketches actually of shots with notes I want to take.  One of the first ones I put in was the smoke shot. Ingredients: incense sticks, light source triggered remotely from the right, black back drop. I used a macro lens, my lensbaby and a color filter for some of them. The problem was picking a shot to be the dailypic.  They all seem like light dancing and I see faces on each one – I am sure psychiatrist would have a field day with that… so keep that part to yourself. Below are my favorites, but if you want to see them all click here.


Yr4•322-365•The Dance.jpgYr4•323-365•The Dance.jpgYr4•324-365•The Dance.jpgYr4•325-365•The Dance.jpgYr4•326-365•The Dance.jpgYr4•327-365•The Dance.jpgYr4•328-365•The Dance.jpgYr4•329-365•The Dance.jpgYr4•330-365•The Dance.jpgYr4•331-365•The Dance.jpgYr4•332-365•The Dance.jpgYr4•333-365•The Dance.jpg

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