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Yr4•321/365 Shopping Swedish Style August 18, 2013

Shopping Swedish Style
August 18, 2013

I took the family to Ikea today, I have never been to Ikea, I do not like to shop, I do not like big box stores (for the record I have not been in a Wal-Mart for over 3 years).  This was my idea… I know it does not make sense. The girl needed a dresser for her room, I saw one she would like on, to ship it to my house nearly doubled the price so it turned into a family trip. I will never go to Ikea again, I will add it to the list of stores (see the Wal-Mart avoidance above). I never ate the food, the aisles are all one way, I asked people wearing shirts that said “ask me for help” – they could not live up to the shirt. The carriages have 4 wheels, they all move, carriages need to have 2 stationary wheels, like a car, the 4 wheels being able to turn are dangerous. Look at the photo, look at the middle of the photo, there is a man, his reaction is accurate to how I felt after only 60 minutes in this store.  I am sure it serves a purpose, it is just not for me.  The only positive part of this experiment is the dresser we purchased. My daughter is happy and ambitious.  She has used the directions and my tools to assemble it completely on her own.  She also enjoyed the store, so I might just not be the demographic. This store apparently is for 15 year old girls…


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