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Yr4•276/365 The Blacksmith July 4th 2013

The Blacksmith
July 4th 2013

The family and I headed to Old Sturbridge Village to celebrate the 4th of July.  Packed the camera bag, drove all the way out there only to discover I left my camera card at home.  Now, I always have the pocket camera with me, my Sony Cyber-shot RX100 so that’s what I used. It was a great day, we even got to see 100 people take the oath of citizenship, during an official ceremony on the common. I plan to go back soon with the full camera, it is a great place for photos. Not going to lie, I think this camera did fine, and it was a lot easier to walk around in the 90 degree heat with. Felt bad for this blacksmith, and all the other “period people” all in full dress and most with a fire somewhere burning on their area… I did not see many AC units on these 1800 era houses.


Yr4•276-365•The Blacksmith.jpgYr4•277-365•The Blacksmith.jpgYr4•278-365•The Blacksmith.jpgYr4•279-365•The Blacksmith.jpgYr4•280-365•The Blacksmith.jpgYr4•281-365•The Blacksmith.jpgYr4•282-365•The Blacksmith.jpgYr4•283-365•The Blacksmith.jpgYr4•284-365•The Blacksmith.jpgYr4•285-365•The Blacksmith.jpgYr4•286-365•The Blacksmith.jpgYr4•287-365•The Blacksmith.jpgYr4•288-365•The Blacksmith.jpgYr4•289-365•The Blacksmith.jpgYr4•290-365•The Blacksmith.jpgYr4•291-365•The Blacksmith.jpgYr4•292-365•The Blacksmith.jpgYr4•293-365•The Blacksmith.jpgYr4•294-365•The Blacksmith.jpgYr4•295-365•The Blacksmith.jpgYr4•296-365•The Blacksmith.jpgYr4•297-365•The Blacksmith.jpgYr4•298-365•The Blacksmith.jpgYr4•299-365•The Blacksmith.jpg

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  1. Patti July 7, 2013 at 5:17 pm #

    Image 23 is my fav. Also like image 8 quite a bit.

  2. Mary Ellen July 5, 2013 at 12:10 am #

    I love these pictures. I may want to get a small pocket camera for daily use. I would guess that you would recommend the Sony camera you used here.

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