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thedailypic•yr8•335/365•2892•Peace and The Boy

I have told this story before, but things get repeated for different reasons. I took a photo of the kids on August 18th, 2007. I was working at Staples Corporate office at the time, Barbara was on a work trip. Staples had announced an offer to all office associates that the next day they would be setting up a Digital print lab in the cafeteria and we could have files printed for free. I figured I would get a fun portrait of the kids, blow it up and surprise Barbara upon her return from the trip. Outside we go, putting a horrible old black backdrop on the fence, using a Nikon D80 with kit lens and piece of white cardboard as a reflector. I put Danny, age 6, on a step stool so he could be the same height as his older sister, age 8. Now Dan was a loud kid, he is now a loud teen and I am betting he will be a loud adult. This will all pay off with his music I am sure. Then Anna was quiet, so quiet and shy, so the pose was Danny screaming and Anna shushing him, the photo was called Peace and Boy.

I printed it, it caused a huge stir at the office. This was before the dailypic, this was at the end of what was a horrible few years where I did not take photos. Barbara loved the photo, coworkers loved the photo, it took on a life of its own. Remember we were not saturated with photos all over the place in 2007 the way we are now, it was not hard to impress. It was great, I was booking family/kid portraits based off that photo. I made my first business cards, that photo was on it, and so was the newly named “timricephoto”. I look at that photo as my entry back into photography (I had taken a break – that is another story).

Here we are, 10 years, 13 days from that original shot. Instead of those two little kids, I have two incredible young adults living in my house, well for the time being. The loud little “Boy” is now 6’1″, 16 years old and loud in so many great ways. He has a genuine smile and presence that lights the world. Then there is “Peace”, she is no longer quiet, the shush sign is now a peace sign, meaningful for many reasons and she is just shy of 19 years old. Hours away from leaving home for college, and changing not only her world, but all of our world for the better. I thought it would be fun to revisit this shoot before the next variation of the family kicks in, and I was lucky enough to have them agree. How much changes in 10 years. I sent a group text to my kids saying meet me at the studio at 5pm. One drove themselves, one was dropped off by a girlfriend, this time the only stool that was used was so Dan could sit and be shorter for his sister. I have a far different camera, professional lights, backdrops and a studio space…. all that can be tied back to that one photo in the back yard. My business is not what is without them, I am not who I am without these kids, in so many ways, and I would not change any of it.


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thedailypic•Yr8•194/365•2751•The Bridge

I added a new lens to my arsenal today – a 14-24mm wide, as with most of my new equipment over the years , I took it to Choate Park for a test drive. Somewhere in my boxes of photos I have a black & white shot taken at this same location, I used my brand new at the time Pentax K1000, my hand me down tripod, loaded with a roll of tri-x film. It was for a photo class in college, 25 years ago. I took a whole roll in that spot and developed them all by hand. Today, 2 shots and done. So much has changed in so many ways, but the bridge is still the same.

Related, I am having an open house at my studio this Friday night, April 14th, 6:30-9:30pm. Plenty of Medway and non Medway photos on display and for sale. Stop by and check them out if you can, I have some give aways and will be shooting One Bulb Portraits.  Sorry these will not be there, but orders can be taken for any of my photos. Scroll to the bottom for more info.



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thedailypic•Yr7•212/366•2403•Josie’s Home

Yr7•213-366•2403•Joise's Home

Josie came home today, a trip north with my wife, a fun visit with the breeder and home in time for the kids after school. She was a pro in the car, then it was new experience, after new experience,  with a few naps in between- all great, minus the cat intro… Misty will come out of hiding in a few days. I believe Josie will fit in quite well. And of course we had to hit the studio for a quiet photo session. She is a poser. I am not used to that, I love all my photos of Parker, but I fought for each one. This little one just poses, I only get a few seconds before she charges me, but its all I need. She is just 8 weeks old, I will do my best to not turn the dailypic into a profile for her – but be patient for the first week… if you do want more Josie photos, follow her Instagram page – @timricephoto_josiesmalls.


Yr7•214-366•2403•Joise's Home Yr7•213-366•2403•Joise's Home Yr7•215-366•2403•Joise's Home Yr7•213-366•2403•Joise's Home-2 Yr7•214-366•2403•Joise's Home-2 Yr7•215-366•2403•Joise's Home-2 Yr7•213-366•2403•Joise's Home-3 Yr7•214-366•2403•Joise's Home-3 Yr7•215-366•2403•Joise's Home-3

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thedailypic•Yr7•141/366•2332•Making the Switch

Yr7•141-366•2332•Old Switch

The house is undergoing some renovations and additions, some new walls, doors, lights, etc. It is wrapping up, I’ve got some painting to do and it will all look as good as an old house can. I have found myself looking at this switch throughout the project. It does not belong, it is kind of ugly, with a yellow tinted, aged face plate, the switch is black, instead of the expected white, far too loud by today’s standards and is way too high on the wall – almost a foot higher than a normal modern install would be. Now it just lost a neighbor, a window that did not look outside (now that is is a sad existence, really a window has one job and as far as I can tell it had not seen outside since the 40’s). Now, the switch’s job did get more important, it is now controlling a nice new light instead of a $8 temporary (3 years too long) characterless, bulb holder. So it did get that.

This is not the first time I have considered changing it, the room has has been painted before and it came up for review then just did not make the cut. The theme of our house is “nothing matches,” so why can’t this switch live alone like it is. There is no other one that height, that color, with a yellow face plate in the room, or even the house. It has a new counter part on the other side of the room, just added, 48 inches high, all white and clean, soft and quiet. I know it can see it, it must be pissed. I have no idea why it was given the life it has, it was that way when we got here. What started as lazy, or avoidance, has become a preservation project. Save the switch, someone needs to stand up for the unique relic, I guess it is me… I am not making the switch.



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thedailypic•Yr7•113/366•2304•It’s Anna

Yr7•114/366•2304 It's Anna January 21, 2016

It’s Anna
January 21, 2016

She is so shy.


Yr7•116-366•2304•It's Anna Yr7•114-366•2304•It's Anna Yr7•115-366•2304•It's Anna

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