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Legoboy doesn’t give a…
July 3, 2013

A few weeks ago I came across a drawing posted on a website, no explanation, no idea what it is from and it made my day, no it made my month. It is a rough black and white drawing of a small group of people looking at another guy with a bunch of red balloons floating away while he flips them all off. It has text that reads: “Everyone just wants to be liked and accepted. Except for Tim. Tim doesn’t give a shit.” You may have seen it, I am ready to get it as my tattoo.. it spoke to me. I wish I knew who did it, I would give them credit. I picture the back story is something like they all wanted a balloon, but they pissed Tim off so he bought them all and them gloated by floating away in front of them.

I had to pay tribute this incredible artwork. Who better than Legoboy to help out.  Now, Legoboy does not have a middle finger, or any fingers, to be honest he really does not want to hold things above his head either.  But with some cake decorations, red paint, fishing line and some strategically picked Lego friends we got it done. Below I will add the original drawing, again… I have no idea who to credit – anyone knows let me know. I also will put the color version and the non-text version of the shot.  I debated which would be the daily. My 12 year old said you all would be OK with “bad word” version, he thinks it makes it funnier.  I have to agree.



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  1. Suse January 22, 2014 at 9:02 am #

    Hey – I did the original drawing of Tim for a website called ( – it was someone else’s story and I just made the image to go with it. Suddenly it ended up everywhere, I guess someone just copied and pasted it. It’s weird seeing it everywhere when no-one knows I drew it, but it was never posted under my real name anyway, just my hitrecord profile. I really like your Lego version though, it looks awesome 🙂

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