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Hide & Seek with Zach
June 22, 2013

My photo shoot with Zach turned into an impromptu game of hide and seek this morning. This was Zach 2(ish) year session. I have photographed this little guy since he was a few weeks old. Today was a blast, he was talking smiling, saying cheese for the camera.  We had fun hiding behind trees, chasing bubbles, the soccer ball and playing with trucks. Not sure it has registered with him who I am, I am sure he wonders who is this guy that meets him in the park and chases after him for an hour than disappears for months at a time.  At least I know he has to questions my hide and seek skills, I really have no chance hiding behind the trees he was picking out.  Here are a few more from the session.


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  1. tillie June 23, 2013 at 10:38 am #

    these are all beautiful pictures, he is a handsome little boy..

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