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thedailypic•yr8•312/365•2869•Wild Flowers

The flowers are wild.



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thedailypic•yr8•297/365•2854•Sitting in the Rain

Flowers look better in the rain.



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thedailypic•yr8•288/365•2845•Celebrate Medway

Today we celebrated Medway… fireworks for all.


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thedailypic•yr8•255/365•2812•Pure Heat

You already know what it was like today.


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thedailypic•yr8•240/365•2797•A Day in Boston

A family day in the city with a Bernese Mountain Dog means you meet thousands of new friends. Josie was in heaven, we were stopped every 10 feet, while the family got lunch I met 17 people, including another Berner family with big Gus. She got some playtime with a Swiss Mountain in Columbus Park, took in some music, saw the Memorial Flags on the Common and had a blast watching birds, especially the ducks.



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