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Custom Capt.
June 19, 2013

Check out this custom made action figure. It was created by very talented J.L.J Custom Creations, check out their facebook page here. The detail on this Kirby-esque Captain America is awesome. There was also has an incredible Darkman and Red Skull that now that I think about it would have made nice “extra” pics for the blog.  You can check them all out at Rubber Chicken Comics. What I do have is a picture of custom wedding toppers created last year.  These were unbelievable, I shot these at the gallery I had last December. The groom brought them in and the resemblance between the groom and the figure was uncanny. J.L.J does incredible work, check them out.


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  1. josh June 20, 2013 at 7:36 am #

    The wedding topper action figure is of me and as amazing as it looks in that photo, the real amazing work that Jason did was the unreal recreation of all the tattoos on my lower legs. They are 100% recognizable as exactly what they are on my legs! I cant recomend Jason enough for any custom project!!!

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