thedailypic•Yr4•182/365•Easter, Legoboy, Easter

Easter, Legoboy, Easter
March 31, 2013

Last Lego shot for a few weeks, this one is inspired by both Easter and the Walking Dead. I thought zombie faces might be pushing it too far. While looking for menacing Lego heads in the ones we have I noticed a pattern that most of the mean ones have beards. A theme that I found disturbing… maybe it is time to shave for the spring. Hope you all enjoy the Walking Dead season finale, uhm, I mean have a great Easter Sunday!


1/40sec, f6.3, iso640, Nikon 105mm, Nikon D700

Yr4•180-365•Easter, Legoboy, Easter.jpgYr4•181-365•Easter, Legoboy, Easter.jpgYr4•182-365•Easter, Legoboy, Easter.jpgYr4•183-365•Easter, Legoboy, Easter.jpg

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  1. Bob F March 31, 2013 at 6:40 pm #

    Kenny Rogers has a beard and Menudo does not…I think Menudo is meaner than Kenny

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