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thedailypic•Yr8•207/365•2764•Boxed Lunch

For the month of April my wife has been making our lunches, grab your box and head to school/work. I am sure my physical at the end of last month had nothing to do with this in anyway.



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thedailypic•Yr8•161/365•2718•Restaurant 45’s New Look

One of my family’s favorite restaurants just underwent a renovation and I got to be part of it. Restaurant 45 in Medway contacted me a month ago telling me about the new plans, strip the dinning room to the studs and redo the whole space. They wanted to include some local photos for the walls in the new look. I was more than happy to partner with them, but I had no idea how great the end result would be. I have 4 huge photos hanging in beautiful, back-lit, light boxes, all printed on film. There is the ‘Old Mill on the Charles’, ‘A Winter Light’ from Choate Park, a Choate Foliage shot and an aerial view of the Charles River.  The Old Mill photo is officially the largest my work has ever been printed and it is right in the dining room. Thank you to Mark, Lisa and all the staff at Restaurant 45 for letting me be part of this. I have been eating in that building for decades, I even used to deliver the previous owners, the Speroni’s, newspaper when they were my neighbors as a kid. So to have some photos there is pretty cool. The renovations are incredible, it only took 3 weeks and as of 6pm tonight you can eat in the dining room again. I can’t wait to shoot photos in the updated function room. Go check it out and get a great meal. The Mac and Cheese Balls, Chicken Parm and Chicken Piccata are our families favorites.



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thedailypic•Yr8•158/365•2715•Close Salad

Salad up close.


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thedailypic•Yr8•103/365•2660•Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster and 4 bags of cookies. Now I have to eat all those cookies in the name of art.



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thedailypic•Yr8•098/365•2655•The Salmon BLT

One of my favorite things my wife makes, out of all the incredible things she prepares, is her Open Faced Salmon BLT with Avocado on Toasted Wheat Bread. Cover it with lemon and devour. I could eat this every night.



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thedailypic•Yr8•055/365•2612•Turkey Day


Happy Thanksgiving.



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Ever take a Pepsi Challenge? I did, it was in a friend’s driveway, Dave’s older sister set one up and all the neighborhood kids came by. There was a team of Coke fans vs. Pepsi fans. We had legit arguments over which was better. I was maybe 10? I remember it got heated, there was anger, name calling and some kid that kept chanting Tab over and over.

Now, I did some research, the Pepsi Challenge came to be in 1975, approximately 61% of the people choose Pepsi at the Challenges, yet Coke is the more popular soda. Coke holds 17% of the soda market, Diet Coke is in second place at 9.4% in third is Pepsi with 8.4%. So why does Pepsi win 61% of the time in a taste test? It is sweeter, so a sip of Pepsi is more pleasing than a sip of coke, yet a full can of Coke is preferred due to that same sweetness of Pepsi. The number one reason people sight for liking Coke over Pepsi is: “Pepsi is too sweet” – especially a full can at a time. I have read smart people at Pepsi  knew this… and knew the challenge would work to their advantage since the Challenge was done with smaller quantities vs. the full can.

Really though, I found I read too much about this… in all honesty I could not care less, I once drank Pepsi on a regular basis, it was my coffee, I was addicted. One at breakfast, one on my nightstand before bed and a case in between. I have since given it, along with all other caffeinated drinks up.  I am a Root Beer guy now (this I need to quit too) and can tell a brand by a sip if I needed too, but I don’t turn one down over the other. Why am I explaining any of this? Well, the election. The state of the country. Divisiveness of our people. I personally blame the Pepsi  Challenge. I have no hard evidence – but I have my own theories – which in my blog is just as good. I am 43 years old, The Pepsi Challenge is 2 years younger than me, widen the math, people from the age of 40-60 are very familiar with the concept of the Challenge. It played a role in our formative years.  It taught us to take sides. Choose one and defend it. It spilled over into other parts of our life, deep into our consciousness. And it is not alone, we have grown up with sides to stand on. Pepsi vs. Coke, McDonalds vs. Burger King, Disney vs. Warner Brothers, Chevy vs. Ford, Letterman vs. Leno, Nike vs. Adidas, Apple vs. Microsoft, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Laverne vs. Shirley, you get the idea. For the better part of 40 years we have been choosing sides, publicly, privately, subconsciously. We then had kids, and they are learning this behavior.  Everyone is on sides, and they get further apart every day. The real estate in the middle must be really cheap, no one lives there anymore. There was a time if you were out and asked for a Pepsi, they say “We only have Coke” you would shrug the shoulder and say “sure”. Move on; continue with your life as if nothing bad just happened. Now, people are more likely to make a case out of it. “But I ASKED for Pepsi, not Coke.” It is personal, how dare they make a choice for you. “Come on kids, we are out of here.”  I wonder if Pepsi is proud of themselves?  In the end they did not really even gain any market share vs. Coke – they had one bright spot during the New Coke fiasco but it was short lived.  I think most Pepsi’s  money comes from Frito Lay. I hope they are happy, they did this (again no facts to back this up).

Why can’t I like both Pepsi and Coke?  And bring back Tab.

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thedailypic•Yr7•333/366•2524•Caprese salad


Nice quiet day, cook out and a salad that looked pretty, but I did not partake.



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thedailypic•Yr7•311/366•2502•Lobster Roll Done Right

Yr7•311-366•2502•Lobster Roll Done Right

OK, I will never turn down a Lobster Roll, no matter how it is prepared, but there is something about one with just hot drawn butter from Rosewoods. Not the best photo, but I was not going to waste too much time taking pictures…



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thedailypic•Yr7•289/366•2480•T.C. Scoops New Home

Yr7•289-366•2480•T.C. Scoops

Tina and friends at T.C. Scoops Ice Cream shop have a new home few doors down from the last one in the Medway Shopping Plaza. I was there this week to hang some of my photos on display (and they are for sale), Tina even gave me a shelf on the local retailer section – some of my toy cube photos are for sale there too. I also got a shake and a Dad’s Dog 2.0 from the new hot dog lunch counter. Go check them out. Congratulations  T.C. Scoops.


Yr7•293-366•2480•T.C. Scoops Yr7•292-366•2480•T.C. Scoops Yr7•289-366•2480•T.C. Scoops Yr7•290-366•2480•T.C. Scoops Yr7•291-366•2480•T.C. Scoops Yr7•294-366•2480•T.C. Scoops

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