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Take a Moment
March 8, 2013


Another day of snow. Weathermen screwed this one up, it disrupted school, it interrupted work, it was a pain to shovel…yet in the long run, it was a great day. It forced the evening plans to be postponed, we sat at the kitchen table and just played cards. Snow is good for that. Forces you to take a moment and stop, simplify. The kids won’t remember how many inches were predicted, how many fell, or that it took hours to clean up. They will remember how Danny threw a perfect snowball… right at my camera (look at his face in the picture below – the one where he looks horrified), that Anna was caught singing in the driveway by the neighbor, that the dog disappears into the back yard since the snow is so high. They will remember laughing at the table tonight while blasting and singing along to Queen, Glee and Kayne (yes Kayne) songs and playing Uno…. because it snowed.


1/200sec, f3.2, iso640, 105mm, Nikon 105mm 2.8 Lens, Nikon D700, processed with OnOne

Yr4•157-365•Take a Moment-2.jpgYr4•157-365•Take a Moment.jpgYr4•158-365•Take a Moment-2.jpgYr4•158-365•Take a Moment.jpgYr4•159-365•Take a Moment-2.jpgYr4•159-365•Take a Moment.jpgYr4•160-365•Take a Moment-2.jpgYr4•160-365•Take a Moment.jpgYr4•161-365•Take a Moment-2.jpgYr4•161-365•Take a Moment.jpgYr4•162-365•Take a Moment-2.jpgYr4•162-365•Take a Moment.jpgYr4•163-365•Take a Moment-2.jpgYr4•163-365•Take a Moment.jpgYr4•164-365•Take a Moment-2.jpgYr4•164-365•Take a Moment.jpgYr4•165-365•Take a Moment.jpg



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