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Tollbooth Willie
March 3, 2013

This weekend I shot photos for the local MA band, Tollbooth Willie (<- click right there and check them out on Facebook). They were awesome, their bio reads: Dirty, gritty, soulful… playing the best of 90’s rock (and beyond)… introducing Tollbooth Willie. A new local band playing the best of Pearl Jam, STP, AIC and all the music influenced by the early to mid 90’s rock scene. This was an easy job, I too was influenced by the early to mid 90’s rock scene. I am a child of the 80’s but I am a delinquent of the 90’s… yea, well not really, but it sounds cool right? It was a great night, if you know what STP and AIC stand for, then check them out… hell, even if you don’t, check them out, because it is about time you learn what those mean. It had been a while since I shot a band.  I actually used to do it all the time when I started getting serious about photos.  I was working at a record store and it just made sense.  I have no idea how I did it with rolls of film.  Everything is against you when you shoot a bar band, the lights stink, the rooms are small, all the moving around. It’s awesome, the challenge is fun.  Gritty, grainy shots, holding your breath so you can shoot exposures longer than you normally would. All while listening to great music, they sounded awesome and were a great group of guys a group of dirty, gritty, soulful rockers (I don’t want to ruin their rock rep).


Yr4•152-365•Tollbooth Willie.jpgYr4•153-365•Tollbooth Willie.jpgYr4•154-365•Tollbooth Willie.jpgYr4•155-365•Tollbooth Willie.jpgYr4•156-365•Tollbooth Willie.jpgYr4•157-365•Tollbooth Willie.jpgYr4•158-365•Tollbooth Willie.jpgYr4•159-365•Tollbooth Willie.jpgYr4•160-365•Tollbooth Willie.jpgYr4•161-365•Tollbooth Willie.jpg

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