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thedailypic•yr8•359/365•2916•Bad Marriage at the Palladium

Last night I photographed two incredible bands at the Palladium in Worcester. It was awesome to see Fitzy, Todd, Jon, Ian and Delaney of Bad Marriage get the crowd ready for Extreme. And that is what they did, they killed it as the opening act. Then Extreme was as great as they were 20 years ago the first time I saw them. Not a bad weekend considering I saw Collective Soul and Sammy Hagar the night before at Foxwoods. Congrats to the Bad Marriage guys, last night a ton of people learned what many already knew, Bad Marriage kicks ass, and I got some photos to prove it, with some of Extreme too.


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thedailypic•yr8•331/365•2888•Dan’s Debut

Dan had his first real gig today. The Dan Rice Project debuted at the Tradesman in Milford. Three hours, a couple guests sang with him, an original was tossed in, a great day overall. The turn out was awesome, so much support from family and friends, he can say he is a paid musician now. Six years ago or so I started photographing acts in the area, if you told me my kid would be part of the community I would never  have believed you, yet here we are. So proud of him, he puts so much into this music, today was just the start of the pay off. Anna even joined him for a song they just decided to do after one practice this morning (video below), one of those moments where you realize as a parent you might have done a decent job… and you feel really old at the same time. Way to go Dan.



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thedailypic•yr8•319/365•2876•The Hall

Dan and I took a quick road trip to Cleveland for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and it was a blast.


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thedailypic•yr8•317/365•2874•Rock On Laura & Paul

Congratulations to Laura and Paul… you could run off the energy of their wedding for years, rock and roll never looked so happy. I went to a wedding and a concert broke out, my kind of event.




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thedailypic•yr8•311/365•2868•Hand-me-down Harp

A family harmonica, pre-war made in German, double sided with the keys C and G.


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