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The Kiwi
January 24, 2013

On to food. I enjoy shooting food, I bought a Kiwi, Peppers, White Onion, and other things that I am not sure what they are but looked cool. Did you know you can buy hemp at Whole Foods, 11.99 a lb. I used the same set up I used for the flower shots the other day. Light-box below, flash from above.  It took a few trys to get the slice of Kiwi thin and even enough to be translucent enough for the light under it.  I also changed out the gels and got some other versions below. I have already been told this will be hanging in the kitchen at my house. More food shots to come over the next couple weeks.



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  1. Patti Flowers January 25, 2013 at 12:52 pm #

    LOVE the color!

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