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The Deconstructed Flower
January 22, 2013

Many times I shoot one or 2 pictures and I end up with the dailypic.  Then other times, like tonight, I have to go through a few variations before I end up with the final shot, which in this case is miles from where I started. I grabbed a simple flower at the store, figured it be nice to have some color since it’s the middle winter. Take a nice shot in a vase and call it the dailypic, next thing I knew I am digging through my studio equipment for bright-colored gels, setting up my old negative light box and I have ripped the poor flower apart. I do have some nice shots from before it was ‘deconstructed’, I am sure I could’ve used any of them for a photo, but it just kept progressing.

I think it is a slight departure from what I’m used to shooting, though still life, is still life.  I could actually see a series of these, different flowers, on different bright colors, I am picturing a red rose on a bright teal or royal blue, I think it would make a really nice collection. What do you think?  I would’ve bought some more flowers when I was at the store had I known this is what I wanted to shoot.

1/60, f20, ISO 200 90mm Tamron, Nikon D700

Yr4•113-365•Deconstructed Flower.jpgYr4•114-365•Deconstructed Flower.jpgYr4•115-365•Deconstructed Flower.jpgYr4•116-365•Deconstructed Flower.jpgYr4•117-365•Deconstructed Flower.jpgYr4•118-365•Deconstructed Flower.jpg


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  1. Al Landry January 23, 2013 at 11:46 am #

    What a great idea for a craft project. A build a flower kit. You have the cover for the package that is one element done.

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