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On Westfield River
January 7, 2013

My wife and I found ourselves in Westfield, Massachusetts today. While talking to some old friends, I was told to head down to the next town over and check out the view of a small mountain from a bridge that crosses the Westfield River. I believe the directions given were ”if you pass the abandoned mill, you’ve gone too far”.  I’m pretty sure that my wife realized as soon as I heard the word “abandoned” there be no doubt that we be heading that way. So we found the bridge and it was a beautiful view of a small mountain beside the river, but unfortunately the lighting and the time of day just did not make for a nice photo. Besides, I was more interested in this building. It was a beautiful thing, vacant, historic and all locked up.  There was one guy working inside, I saw him walk in while I was on the bridge. It looks like someone is in the process of fixing up, or renovating the building. If I had more time, or even if my wife was not with me, I would try to work my way into the building somehow, but instead will be happy with this shot. From looking in the windows you could see the wide open space, the old architecture, brick walls, it was very cool.  Slowly these buildings are disappearing, either being renovated and turned into something different, or simply being destroyed or burnt. I would take any chance I could have to get in some and photograph them before they’re gone. Thanks to Gianca & Amy for the suggestion, I hope to get out your way again, take some more shots and visit longer.


1/160sec, f10, ISO400, 98mm, Nikon D700



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