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Hey Bevis, You’re Short
January 8, 2013

I caught up with an old friend today I haven’t seen in ten years. We used to work together at Newbury Comics, not the new chic boutique stores they have now, the old Newbury Comics, when they were a little dirty and dark, where we sold music, in cassette form and cds in long boxes and tee shirts, tons of tee shirts you could not find anywhere else… like Bevis and Butthead tee shirts. It was awesome to share stories of the old days, and man do we have stories. Putting ice cream in customers bags, heckling John Gorka and special gifts from the Hell’s Angels, any movie you have ever seen about retail or music stores, like Clerks, High Fidelity, Empire Records… not even close or half as funny as the stuff we remembered today. Good memories, some of the funniest people I ever knew. God do I feel old.

I thought it was a great time to post these guys, actually they were recently purchased at Newbury Comics… they were in the “have not been relevant in 20 years, you must be here with your kids” section. I would love to see Butthead rip apart a One Direction video, even if would make my daughter cry…


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