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Main Street Moon
November 17, 2012

This is not the photo I wanted to take. We got take out food, I caught the view in my rear view mirror. Dropped the food at the house grabbed the camera and tripod, headed back out and set up on the side of the road. Took a test shot and the battery blinked red then died. That’s it, one shot. I like it, but I had a plan. I had a piece of plastic I was going to use to dodge the left corner/center so the moon would not be exposed as long. It is a trial and error technique, but I needed more than one chance, I didn’t get it and to be honest, I was just too lazy to go back. So this is it, like I said I like it, but I was really hoping to get the thin slice that was up there tonight.



30.0 sec, f11, iso125, Nikon D700, 85mm

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