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thedailypic•yr8•275/365•2832•The Color of Reykjavik

The last night on the road, back in the Reykjavik apartment we started in last week. So I sat in the parking lot and sent the drone up above the city for a few minutes, at 10pm at night. I have not seen darkness in over a week, not sure how they do it here, but to be honest if I was 18 and just starting it all again, I would consider this as a home. The last photo is looking down on me from 400 feet. I am in the center of the the hotel block sitting next to a tree. I will really miss this place.


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thedailypic•Yr8•212/365•2769•The Streets of Portland

Spent the weekend with friends roaming the streets (and bars) of Portland, Maine. Love the city, so much to take in and enjoy. Though with these friends, no matter where we go we have a blast. Food, drinks, shops, music, dogs (everywhere) and laughs crammed into 24 hours.


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thedailypic•Yr8•135/365•2692•Winter St. (Milford in the Snow)

Another snow storm, another town. This time I walked around Milford. Check them out.



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thedailypic•Yr8•132/365•2689•Snow in Medway

Went out and got photos around town in the storm.


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thedailypic•Yr7•144/366•2335•Beer, Wine, Baby

Yr7•144-366•2335•Beer, Wine, Baby

Went to Porthsmouth, NH with a stop in Newburyport, MA this weekend. A nice quick getaway.


Yr7•157-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•158-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•159-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•155-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•156-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•154-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•153-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•151-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•152-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•150-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•147-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•149-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•148-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•144-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•145-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby Yr7•146-366•2335•Ber, Wine, Baby

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