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thedailypic•Yr8•197/365•2754•Josie & Bentley

Another annual yard sale, another awesome Josie chalk portrait by Dawn, this time with her new friend Dr. Bentley Wags. Here is last year’s, these two had a blast playing today.

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thedailypic•Yr7•213/366•2404•Josie’s Art

Yr7•214-366•2404•Joise's Art

Spent the day hanging out with friends, enjoying the weather and getting Josie used to the being social. Our super talented friend Dawn whipped up this sidewalk chalk mural for her during our yard sale. So cool, thanks Dawn.


Yr7•214-366•2404•Joise's Art

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thedailypic•Yr5•070/365•1896•Batman Smells

Yr6•070/365•1896 Batman Smells December 9, 2014

Batman Smells
December 9, 2014

The other night I won some art work from That Smarts by Dawn, this awesome Christmas Batman piece. Joins the Wrecking Ball Snowman and Little Groot decoration.

In other news, this weekend is my 3rd annual gallery photo sale. Photos, framed & unframed, dailypic books, all for sale at great prices for holiday gifts. There will also be raffles and I am photographing toys and keepsake for free.  Bring down your action figures or kids toys, maybe a favorite stuffed animal or blanket. Check out our timricephoto commercial starring the guy in the Batman mask above.


Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 6.30.46 PM

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thedailypic•Yr4•115/365•The Catwoman

The Catwoman
January 23, 2013

As much as I could sit all day and admire my own photos, it is wise to get out now and then and see what other people are up to. This is an awesome piece of work from a friend of mine Dawn Bailey, an incredible local artist. The photo does not give it the justice it deserves, it is her first mixed media piece… more than just paint. There is plaster, paint, glaze, clay, even a  jewelry wire. Check out the close-ups I have added below, I love the light coming off the wall.

I asked her for some info about this piece… this is turning into an interview, that was not the intent, though wouldn’t it be cool if I had a clip to show? Just so I could say, roll the clip. Anyway, this is what she wrote back:  “I slapped plaster on canvas, sanding and carving cracks into it. Then painted the entire thing with black acrylic. I sketched on, ripped up, and glaze layered transparency paper. Then, again layering and building out the bricks with plaster. Then more acrylic. I also used a glazing medium for the first time which helped me blend the highlights and shadow. Finally I decided I needed a visual source of light. Something dank, dirty, back alley, Tim Burton kinda stuff. Strangely, this idea came to me by way of bare feet and my son’s discarded laser pointer caps, (which he so kindly displayed for me on the floor) I used the metal cap and some jewelry wire as the base and sculpted the wall lamp out of polymer clay. afterwards I used metallic paints to finish the piece.”

Dawn is doing incredible work, you really need to check out her facebook page here at That SmARTs by Dawn. I think prints of the Catwoman piece might be on sale soon, but until then you can check out the original hanging at Rubber Chicken Comics in Bellingham, MA.  Her next piece is a spacy robot looking thing that she has posted photos of in progress. Thanks to Dawn for letting me use her hard work to fill one of my dailyblogs.



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thedailypic•Yr4•033/365•The Artist

The Artist
October 02, 2012

This is the multi-talented Elizabeth, behind her is one of her pieces of art. My wife and I went to her show this evening at Lot F Gallery in Boston. She was one of four artist on display, you can see a cool video promoting the event, showing a behind the scenes look at how the art was created by clicking here.

Liz is also my curator, thanks to her I have my third showing, the latest at Bella Luna in Boston. (Artist Reception – this Sunday at 5pm)

You can check out more about Liz and her work at her website



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