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Yr5•030/365•1490 Mr. October & Fan October 30, 2013

Mr. October & Fan
October 30, 2013

No matter what, this Red Sox season has been incredible, worst to first, Ortiz is batting .733 and they are playing as a team for the first time in years. Just pure entertainment.  The only complaints I have are the games are on too late and I really don’t need to see another Cialis commercial, I am pretty sure men that need Cialis really don’t need to see the commercial either.  Way to make watching sports with your kids awkward Fox/MLB. It is too bad the sport will be an afterthought in ten years. I read the other day that the average age of baseball fans is 53 years old and my generation will be the last to follow the sport closely. I am sure it is true, I coached it and kids are just not interested in it.  My friends and I knew stats of all the players and not just the ones on my home team. Now,kids might be able to name some players, most have no clue what .733 means. Enjoy it while it lasts, let’s hope for one (or even 2 more) great games. I would like to see more offense from both teams, let’s keep the umps out of it and I would love to see more of Boston Police Officer Steve Horgan. IF the Sox win, I think he deserves a ring and a ride on the float.
Go Sox.


Yr5•030-365•1490•Mr. October & Fan

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