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thedailypic•Yr8•199/365•2756•Staff Sgt. Sanchez and the Patriot’s Day Runners

I have been taking photos on a regular basis since 1993, I have lived in the suburbs of Boston my whole life, I have never photographed the Boston Marathon. The closest I ever came to taking photos was in 1996, the 100th anniversary, but I ended up working a retail shift. I have always followed the race online or on TV, I wrote about what it meant to me when the bombing happened in 2013, you can read that blog here if interested, I was in NYC that day. Today I made it a point, I would photograph it.

I went to Ashland then walked around early looking for a good spot to catch the action. The corner of Main and Union, it let me see them all clearly approach, while having spectators in the background and I would be able to stay low and out of the way. And there I stayed for a few hours, taking it all in. Somewhere in between the wheelchairs came Staff Sgt. Jose Luis Sanchez, with space in front and space behind… he owned the street as he passed by. According to an NBC article you can read here, Sanchez is a retired Marine who lost the lower part of his left leg stepping on an IED in Afghanistan in 2011. I did not need the article to know he was running with a purpose, that flag looked heavy, in so many different ways. I was happy to read he inspired many people, on a day of inspiration. Then there was the man with Cerebral Palsy in the wheelchair, backwards, after some google searches I found he is “Backwards” Bill Reilly, 64 years old and he does this a lot, in an article I found from 4 years back they said he was running his 32nd!

Then add everyone else, there is enough inspiration to drive each of us for years. On my healthiest of days I can not run with my bad foot, but I can take photos. I need to do this more, photograph this event, I know there is no shortage of marathon photos, but it felt good to add mine to the mix. There were more moments with the camera down and I was just clapping, cheering for the participants, it seemed like the better thing to do at the time. If you want to see all the photos I took, you can see them by clicking here. Let me know if you know anyone, I would be happy to get them a file if they would like.


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thedailypic•Yr8•169/365•2726•A Celtic Sojourn

Thanks to a recommendation from a friend, I was able to connect with the coordinators of WGBH’s A St. Patrick’s Day Celtic Sojourn and photograph this afternoon’s show at the Sanders Theatre in Cambridge. A beautiful show, in an incredible location, I was happy to be there to capture it.


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thedailypic•Yr8•012/365•2569•Bad Marriage Downstairs


Last night I shot Bad Marriage Downstairs at the Middle East in Cambridge. Pure Rock and Roll awesomeness. From their page:

Boston’s Bad Marriage comes out of the gate swinging their hard rock hammer with both fists, laying down their blistering boogie with heavily swung rhythms. Their repertoire digs deep with influences including AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith. Indulging their collective thirst for tone and overdriven guitars, Bad Marriage pack their material with British blues-infused hard rock riffs and gutsy, soaring melodies. Together with frontman and resident wordsmith JonnyP and his over-the-top, self aggrandizing lyrics, they’ve crafted a collection of egotistical hip-shakers including “Knock 3 More Times”, “Miss Outrageous” and “Young Love”.
Check them out – badmarriagemusic.com
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thedailypic•Yr8•005/365•2562•Thank You Papi


Tomorrow the Red Sox start the post season… Papi’s last. I can’t wait to watch this icing on a great career.



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thedailypic•Yr7•305/366•2496•Got to Catch Them All

Yr7•305-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All

We went into Boston last night for a walk around the city. The Common was littered with people playing Pokemon Go. It was overwhelming at first to see. People everywhere, on their phones, moving spot to spot, like a scene from the Walking Dead. I can see how judgemental people could get pissed. Though, I think they are wrong. Or at the least they are missing an opportunity to see what really is going on. When I stepped back and looked, it is incredible. In a world where the media would convince us we are all separated and segregated, there were young, old, male, female, geeks, jocks, gay, straight, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, all joined in this game. Groups were walking up to each other and starting conversations. Asking for levels, info about gyms, being social and civil. I have never seen anything like it. Again, I could be a jerk and judge them all, but that would be more of a reflection on me, not them. You can call this game anything you want, these people were out and everywhere, having a great time. My son talked to a bunch of them, genuinely good people, none he would have met in another situation. We could learn a lot from this fad. It was just a whole bunch of people being themselves… happy and together.


Yr7•318-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All Yr7•317-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All Yr7•316-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All Yr7•315-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All Yr7•314-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All Yr7•313-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All Yr7•312-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All Yr7•311-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All Yr7•310-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All Yr7•309-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All Yr7•308-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All Yr7•307-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All Yr7•306-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All Yr7•305-366•2496•Got to Catch Them All

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thedailypic•Yr7•193/366•2384•The Dancer in the Light

Yr7•193-366•2384•Dancer in Light

Anna and I hung out in the city last night. Dinner in Faneuil Hall, walk along the water and Columbus Park.


Yr7•194-366•2384•Dancer in Light Yr7•195-366•2384•Dancer in Light Yr7•196-366•2384•Dancer in Light Yr7•197-366•2384•Dancer in Light Yr7•198-366•2384•Dancer in Light Yr7•193-366•2384•Dancer in Light


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Just a shot of the city looking from Cambridge. Now, I am not sure if anyone had noticed, I changed the layout and ‘feel’ of the website. Tried to brighten the place up, it had been dark for awhile, I got the picture bigger, new scroll, a subtle image behind it all. I thought it was good. I heard a couple things, but no real feedback until someone complained gary, and well, I take that gary seriously. I assume no one looks at this gary, but I guess some people do gary, and those people I feel I should cater to gary. If just one person gary is uncomfortable, gary I need to respect that gary. Though, gary I would never make this about one gary person. That would be crazy gary. So I would love to hear gary some more feedback. What do you gary think of the new gary layout? I promise I would never gary call you out, I appreciate gary honest feedback, and gary as always gary, thanks for looking.



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thedailypic•Yr7•093/366•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015

Yr7•093/365•2284 Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 January 1, 2016

Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015
January 1, 2016

Another New Year’s Eve, another Ellis Paul show at Club Passim. Spent the night taking in music with friends, taking photos and planning for March. See, in March, Ellis will be headlining a show Amped Up Promotions (run by Ray Auger and myself) with local Singer/Songwriter Gay Barboza. I have only met 2 kinds of people, those who have seen Ellis and are waiting to see him again, and those who have not seen him yet – but should. Well, here you go. Memorial Hall, Milford, MA, March 13th, 2016, 7pm – tickets are on sale now. Click here for all the details. Hope to see you there.

Happy New Year.


Yr7•126-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•127-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•123-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•124-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•125-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•121-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•122-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•120-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•117-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•118-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•119-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•114-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•115-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•116-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•111-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•112-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•113-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•108-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•109-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•110-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•105-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•106-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•107-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•102-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•103-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•104-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•099-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•100-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•101-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•097-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•098-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•096-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•093-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•094-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015 Yr7•095-365•2284•Ellis Paul at Club of Passim 2015

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thedailypic•Yr7•081/365•2272•The Hosts

Yr7•082/365•2271 The Hosts December 20, 2015

The Hosts
December 20, 2015

Larry and Debbie have a tradition of taking their nieces and nephews out to celebrate the holidays. I am fortunate to be married to one of the nieces… so great company and free dinner for Tim. Faneuil Hall, the blink light show and dinner at Anthem Kitchen. Thanks to the hosts for a fun night.


Yr7•091-365•2271•The Hosts Yr7•093-365•2271•The Hosts Yr7•092-365•2271•The Hosts Yr7•094-365•2271•The Hosts Yr7•095-365•2271•The Hosts Yr7•097-365•2271•The Hosts Yr7•083-365•2271•The Hosts Yr7•082-365•2271•The Hosts Yr7•084-365•2271•The Hosts Yr7•087-365•2271•The Hosts Yr7•086-365•2271•The Hosts Yr7•089-365•2271•The Hosts Yr7•088-365•2271•The Hosts Yr7•090-365•2271•The Hosts Yr7•085-365•2271•The Hosts Yr7•096-365•2271•The Hosts

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thedailypic•Yr7•001/365•2192•Crossed Path

Yr7•001/365•2192 Crossed Path October 1, 2015

Crossed Path
October 1, 2015

Welcome to Year 7 of the dailypic. Tradition is, I escape with a camera on my birthday. This year I had many plans, all interrupted by weather. So a last minute decision was to head to Boston and take a walk. Hit the North End, Government Center and the Financial district, ran into some friends randomly, met up with others, joined a few elderly bus groups along the freedom trail and came across a black cat, in a cemetery, on my birthday. There has to be something to that, right? I am not superstitious at all, but still… this collared cat, just hanging around on stones in Copp’s Hill Burying Ground, it has to know it is messing with people. It was a toss up between this photo and the next one for the dailypic.  I love the elderly couple on the bench, they were looking at maps, deciding where to go next. As I have said before, all birthdays are good birthdays, the alternative sucks. Here is to year 7.


Yr7•001-365•2192•Crossed Path-2 Yr7•012-365•2192•Crossed Path Yr7•013-365•2192•Crossed Path Yr7•003-365•2192•Crossed Path Yr7•002-365•2192•Crossed Path Yr7•001-365•2192•Crossed Path Yr7•004-365•2192•Crossed Path Yr7•008-365•2192•Crossed Path Yr7•009-365•2192•Crossed Path Yr7•005-365•2192•Crossed Path Yr7•011-365•2192•Crossed Path Yr7•017-365•2192•Crossed Path Yr7•010-365•2192•Crossed Path Yr7•015-365•2192•Crossed Path Yr7•016-365•2192•Crossed Path Yr7•014-365•2192•Crossed Path Yr7•020-365•2192•Crossed Path Yr7•019-365•2192•Crossed Path Yr7•018-365•2192•Crossed Path

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