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Yr5•016/365•1477 Brothers in Arm October 16, 2013

Brothers in Arm
October 16, 2013

Fans of the Walking Dead know who these two are. I was sad to see the outcome of one of them last season, just when I was starting to look forward to seeing him in each episode, no more.  I have not had the chance to see the season premiere this week yet with travel. I had a great trip and time away, but by my own doing on Sunday, I missed the last 2 minutes of the Patriots game, I missed the last 2 innings of the Red Sox game and I missed the Walking Dead.

Unrelated to those TV issues I used a new lighting technique to illuminate these figures. I built my own light stick using PVC pipe and a flashlight.  I found a DIY plan. It has a yellow tone to it that I was not planning on, but it is a nice warm feel.  I shot this at dusk outside, the light is on the ground in front of the figures. Not sure if I would ever use it with clients but it will be fun to experiment with, especially with the toy and macro shots.


Yr5•016-365•Brothers in Arms


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