thedailypic•Yr4•359/365•Old Man Rice

Yr4•359/365 Old Man Rice September 25, 2013

Old Man Rice
September 25, 2013

I need to get back on track with Toy Wednesday. Thought this would be a good toy shot since I have a birthday coming up. There are some days lately I feel like this guy. I don’t need the cane yet, but I do check them out when I see them in the stores.  There are some pretty cool canes out there, the fact that I know this, well is a little sad. For the record, the cane in the photo belongs to a Yoda action figure.  There was debate tonight on which of the two old man photos would be the daily. The titles were the deciding factor, the kids and wife thought the Old Man Rice title was better than the second photos name: Retirement Plan.

Continuing the re-posting of the top 7 blogs from the last year, #6 is “Tim’s Wife” seems fitting since in it is a photo of a young me… to balance out the Old Man Rice Lego guy.  Click here to read:


Yr4•359-365•Old Man Rice

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  1. Brian McGowan September 26, 2013 at 11:39 am #

    Old men become too dependent on their canes and cling to them like a crutch.

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