thedailypic•Yr4•358/365•Sun Over Field

Yr4•358/365 Sun Over Field September 24, 2013

Sun Over Field
September 24, 2013

I have seen this shot a few times on my way to work over the last few weeks, but I did not take it until today. My fear was I would drive home each day and see the corn gone like the field across the street. I had really good reasons not to take the photo until today, I will list them for you.

1. Lazy

2. Lazy

3. Rain

4. Lazy

5. Lazy

6. Went to work early – Dark

7. Lazy

In other news, the dailypic blog turns one next Tuesday. So, I am posting the top seven blogs. Number seven is from April 15th, the day of the Boston Bombing.  I wrote it on the train on my way home from NYC with my family. Click here to see it:




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