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Yr4•338/365 Vader's Vader September 4, 2013

Vader’s Vader
September 4, 2013

It has been an over a month since a real toy shot, since the whole Legoboy Fire incident. For those of you that might be new to the dailypic, I usually post a toy photo on Wednesdays.  I hope to get back on track. I went through the bin of toys to shoot and came across these 2 Vaders. Thought it would be fun if he was holding the toy version… kind of a “Who is responsible for this nonsense” look to it. The title was going to be ‘Vader’s Little Vader’, but that made the 11 year old in me giggle.

You can see an almost complete set of the toys shots by clicking here. I hope to have a gallery before the end of the year where many of them will be for sale.  And they are always available to order if you want to contact me for more info.




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