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Yr4•289/365 Rock Stars July 17, 2013

Live Like Rock Stars
July 17, 2013

So here is the thought process:

  • the dailypic should be related to heat
  • let’s light an Italian ice on fire
  • how?
  • lighter fluid in the container?
  • did not work, too wet
  • Joe reminded me I had Kiss Lego (type) figures
  • I could put fire behind them
  • that would look cool
  • how?
  • with lighter fluid
  • I will add legoboy
  • tin foil does not burn
  • needs more lighter fluid
  • it’s spreading
  • uh-oh
  • quick dump legoboy in the water
  • it’s too late for Gene and Peter
  • did not fully execute the shot I wanted
  • down 2 members of Kiss
  • Legoboy is charred, but will live to see another day


Yr4•289-365•Rock Stars




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