thedailypic•Yr4•336/365•Water Stack

Yr4•336/365 Water Stacked September 2, 2013

Water Stacked
September 2, 2013


Water dropper, off camera flash, tripod, remote trigger and plenty of water.  Like the smoke shots I see faces in each one. More fun for when I get a shrink. Enjoy the rest of the set.

btw: Those on your phones, you can see the additional album if you click view full site.


Yr4•336-365•Watrer Stacked-2.jpgYr4•336-365•Watrer Stacked.jpgYr4•337-365•Watrer Stacked-2.jpgYr4•337-365•Watrer Stacked.jpgYr4•338-365•Watrer Stacked-2.jpgYr4•338-365•Watrer Stacked.jpgYr4•339-365•Watrer Stacked-2.jpgYr4•339-365•Watrer Stacked.jpgYr4•340-365•Watrer Stacked-2.jpgYr4•340-365•Watrer Stacked.jpgYr4•341-365•Watrer Stacked.jpgYr4•342-365•Watrer Stacked.jpgYr4•343-365•Watrer Stacked.jpgYr4•344-365•Watrer Stacked.jpgYr4•345-365•Watrer Stacked.jpgYr4•346-365•Watrer Stacked.jpgYr4•347-365•Watrer Stacked.jpgYr4•348-365•Watrer Stacked.jpgYr4•349-365•Watrer Stacked.jpgYr4•350-365•Watrer Stacked.jpgYr4•351-365•Watrer Stacked.jpgYr4•352-365•Watrer Stacked.jpgYr4•353-365•Watrer Stacked.jpgYr4•354-365•Watrer Stacked.jpgYr4•355-365•Watrer Stacked.jpg




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