Yr4•315/365 Day-Flower August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013

Now, I have no idea what makes one thing a flower and another a weed.  To confuse it even more this weed is named Dayflower, actual name is Commelina, but I guess the person that named it had a sense of humor and was slightly lazy since he named it that way due to its short life span. On top of that it is edible, at least according to one website that seemed sketchy at best. It does not seem fair that this and the dandelion are considered weeds. There are some real ugly flowers out there and these two are free, easy to maintain and colorful.  Does that make them bad? Labels hurt, we need to be more accepting.  I think roses are weeds too – sorry, I am snapping out in anger. If you want to come by and see my award-winning day-flowers, dandelions and chickweed you would be impressed, the whole neighborhood is jealous.


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