thedailypic•Yr•314/365•Sailing Scene

Yr4•314/365 Sailing Scene August 11, 2013

Sailing Scene
August 11, 2013

Met a family at Harding’s Beach in Chatham tonight for a sunset portrait session. Beautiful area, dunes, paths and a great spot to watch the setting sun. I was able to get some shots before they arrived, I remembered the words of one of my photo professors, she used to always say, rule #1: never point your camera directly at the sun, rule #2: never listen to rules about photography. So here are some more shots following rule #2. I will post some samples of the family session, I am excited to see them myself, but not tonight…


Yr4•318-365•Sailing Scene Yr4•317-365•Sailing Scene Yr4•316-365•Sailing Scene Yr4•315-365•Sailing Scene Yr4•314-365•Sailing Scene

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