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Yr4•307/365 Quiet Moment August 4, 2013

Quiet Moment
August 4, 2013

Last day in VT, got up before the sun and took the lake for myself. Well, I thought I was alone until I came across the naked yoga couple on their paddle boards. It is a big lake, I just moved on. Overall, it was a great weekend, plenty of kayaking, laughing, took in a pow wow and a wedding.  Could have done without the rain, but it never stopped us. I will share more photos soon, until then here are some more from this morning kayak trip (I avoided shooting photos of the yoga couple, there is good naked and then there is Vermont yoga naked – you are welcome).


Yr4•314-365•Queit Moment Yr4•313-365•Queit Moment Yr4•312-365•Queit Moment Yr4•311-365•Queit Moment Yr4•310-365•Queit Moment Yr4•309-365•Queit Moment Yr4•308-365•Queit Moment Yr4•307-365•Queit Moment


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