June 24, 2013

Not much to say, busy packing, watching hockey and trying to stay cool, I tried to get some new lighting shots but I set a bar too high with the last ones. I rented a big boy lens for my trip from LensProToGo (Check them out – best customer service I have experienced in a long time).  A Nikon 14-24mm, 2.8, the thing is a beast.  I have always wanted to play with it, but never wanted to drop the money without knowing how much I would use it.  I am not a wide-angle shooter.  My instinct when I have a wide shot is to crop the hell out of it. Even on this shot, I was annoyed that I did not shoot the dog hanging out the window of the car driving by… but he is not the subject.  Say no to cropping. I shot a few others in the neighborhood.  I was winded though the thing weighs a ton, but it is sharp, very sharp edge to edge.



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